I love reimagining spaces; thinking about how they can work better and be more beautiful. I spent the majority of my career in Marketing and designed houses for myself as I moved around the country. Then friends started asking for help and then their friends and I woke up one day and realized I loved designing houses and I only liked my job as a VP of Marketing at a big Consumer Packaged Goods company. But my marketing career taught me two valuable things I now bring to every design project: how to understand what people want and how to get stuff done.


I focus on design and project management for major remodels or new builds. If you're not moving walls or redoing your kitchen or some bathrooms, I am probably not the right person for you. For smaller jobs, I can do plans and for larger am happy to work with an architect. I also most often manage the build process working with the architect (if there is one) and contractor as your advocate.


Your house is for you, not me so I want to understand how you will live in your home and what you want it to say about you. I will bring ideas to the project that you may not have thought of because if you had thought of them, what's the point of me? People ask what my style is. I consider myself flexible, but I definitely gravitate to color and pattern as you can see in my portfolio. I absolutely hate the advice realtors give to make your home neutral for the next buyer. If you love neutral, great, but if you've always dreamed of a wild wallpaper or unusual tile color, do it!

Getting it done

For most of my clients, I manage the build process. I speak fluent contractor so I can help you choose the right contractor and once you do, I can make sure there's no miscommunication about what you want. Everyone thinks once they've made major choices, they're done, but there are thousands of smaller decisions and questions every day. I will make sure you make decisions when you need to. Late decisions and changes are the main reasons costs go up and projects run late.