10 Tips for Remote Job Interviews

  • January 20, 2022
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This will definitely knock your confidence, and will demonstrate to the interviewers that you aren’t organized or prepared. Have a notebook or loose leaf and pen handy to jot down points or questions that arise during the interview. Open your video software and call yourself to test camera angle, sound quality, and connection strength. Explore the features and be confident with the interface before the interview begins. Try to conduct the interview normally, while aware that you are two people all working with similar software and camera angles. Ace your job interview and get the job you always dreamed of with our FREE 3-day interview training course. It is also beneficial to have someone to practice interviews with.

Even if the questions turn out to be a little different, you’ll know how you should go about answering them. This tip goes for all interviews, but many tend to misunderstand the meaning. They often mistake confidence with arrogance, and therein lies their rejection. Internet calls are not always smooth, so speak clearly and keep your end of the line noise-free. All this will only make you look responsible in front of the interviewer. Look into the camera to look confident.So try and focus on looking at the camera when you speak, so you are looking at them in the eye. You can look at the screen when talking, but otherwise, try to focus on the camera.

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Make sure you’re well lit with your light source behind your computer or phone, not behind you. So, if you’re trying to come across warm and personable in a video interview, it’s really good to smile, use a lot of great eye contact, take your pauses, and also try to connect on a personal level. Right now, a lot of companies are doing video interviewing, so everyone’s in the same boat, and so you can talk about your personal experience right off the bat, and that way it’ll help with the conversation. It would be unprofessional to come dressed in anything other than business casual. When you put your best foot forward by dressing professionally, it will show the interviewer that you are serious about the position. Still, there are personal benefits as well – people tend to feel more comfortable, confident, and competent when wearing business attire.

  • Be sure to give a great first impression by keeping your area clean and limit any interruptions from family members, pets, partners, and roommates.
  • This might be somethign like Hire Vue, which I was introduced to for the first time recently as an interview video platform accessed online.
  • Are you preparing for a virtual interview for a remote job interview process?
  • When a team shows interest in you as a candidate, don’t feel pressured into replying to every email the moment it arrives, especially when it’s after hours.
  • Some popular apps include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Meet, and Skype.

Tune in about 5 minutes before the interview begins and, if possible, wait in the “lobby” until your interviewer arrives for the call. When your interviewer arrives, tune in with a smile and be ready to talk about your work, the job, and what you bring to the table. Focus on your passion; what you love about the work, what interested you specifically in the role, and what you can do that will rock the job. Be able to outline all information that’s been available to you through the job listing and company website. You can absolutely have a notes page open while you interview. Your interviewers will see the room behind you, so pick a plain or well-organized view.

Video Interview Tips to Help You Dazzle the Hiring Manager and Get the Job

Borrow your brother’s laptop if yours doesn’t function properly, and have it set up with the video call application and equipment. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. Talk about what you accomplished for your previous employer, but be cautious about bragging. Mention how your expertise benefitted the company such as talking about how your sales contributed to the company’s earnings, not about how you are the best salesperson in the business. In addition, asking this question will disclose whether or not a candidate has given much thought to the organization, which is essential in a distant life.

Why are online interviews bad?

Poor connection speeds can mean choppy audio or video, which could not only hamper the process but also lead to biases against interviewees. Some applicants may be discouraged to continue the process when they discover it will be a video interview because they lack the technological expertise or dislike being recorded.

However, remote interviews require the additional preparation of having virtual tools downloaded, tested, and ready to go. Things remote interview process like video conferencing or instant messaging tools, internet, and an email address are necessary to complete your interview.

Let the Other Person Finish Speaking

Or, if it’s to be a series of interviews, in what order they’ll meet the candidate, and what each team member will ask during their session. When your potential employer asks your availability for an interview, suggest multiple ways to meet. Offer a phone number, Skype ID, Google Chat Hangouts name, WhatsApp number, and anything else that makes sense.

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Do whatever you can to cut down on the chances of being interrupted. You don’t want to be caught off guard by an ongoing construction project, for example. And make sure you turn off or silence your phone or any other electronic device that might make noise and pause any notifications on your computer. Just like you wouldn’t sit three inches or eight feet from your interviewer in a conference room, you don’t want to sit an uncomfortable distance from your computer. When you’re setting up your chair, you’ll want to make sure you don’t end up looking too tiny or too huge. To be well proportioned, make sure there’s a bit of empty space on the screen above your head and check that your shoulders and upper chest are visible.

How to prepare for a virtual interview

Keep a notebook nearby so that you can jot down questions or key takeaways from the interview without having to disrupt the flow of the conversation with loud typing. Also use this time to review your resume and the job description, and consider how your past experience might help you exceed in the role. Having this information https://remotemode.net/ fresh in your mind will help you feel more confident during the video call. Since this role is more code-heavy, it’s important that you learn numerous programming languages and understand algorithms and data structures. Some languages that are essential to back-end development are Ruby, Python, SQL, and JavaScript.

remote interview tips

I’m excited to share some video interview tips here in regard to how to look your best and be low-stress during an online interview. There are a few unspoken rules to setting up your video interview location and making sure your environment is as top-notch as it can be for this remote interview. The day before your interview, take a half-hour to mindfully practice touching your face and hair less. If you like wearing your hair ‘down,’ reconsider if this will mean you’ll be fidgeting with your hair a lot.

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Better yet, record a practice round with a friend interviewing you via Zoom. Remember these tips below, but above all else, don’t forget to be your authentic self.

  • In preparing for a virtual interview, it pays to have your video setup ready at your laptop or home desktop computer.
  • Ahead of your interview, make sure your computer or laptop is fully charged.
  • Go over the answers to the questions again and again until you can talk without stumbling over your words.
  • Otherwise, the video for the interviewer will be choppy from their end.
  • Try it on in front of the same platform you’ll be using for the interview.
  • Explore their website and read blogs, recent company news, and any articles written about the organization.

Download an instant messaging or video conferencing platform, depending on how you will conduct your interview. From there, make sure you have the right computer software and internet connection to support your tools and let you log onto the interview.

You’re trying to connect with the interviewers while dealing with the ins and outs of cameras, background noises, and potential internet troubles. Remember, when conducting remote interviews your tech choices are key.

Pitch how something you care about deeply like data precision, soundproofing, or marketing empathy might enhance your performance in the role. Big Interview is also the perfect tool to help you perfect all aspects of your interview skills and to avoid common pitfalls during an interview. You can read more about our software and how it can help you train for and succeed in interviews here. When it comes to pre-interview setup preparation advice, the most important tip is to do a test call. Aside from certification, interviews are the perfect place to prove your skills. Sadly, there is no quick and easy way to master a language, that is why practicing your English before your job interview is crucial in showing the best that you can offer. Before applying for a test, research what the requirements for the remote jobs you are applying for are.

Since a candidate might be someone the company has never met in-person, it’s especially important to remember a follow-up gesture after the interview. It can also leave the door open for future opportunities where perhaps the candidate will be a better fit down the road. For companies with a high volume of candidates, HR software is available to make sure these follow-ups and details don’t slip through the cracks. Job interviews are nerve-wracking no matter how they take place, but virtual interviews are especially daunting.

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